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The access to current events and latest news is primarily delivered through newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs. We relish especially in magazines that specialize in a subject that interests us most. People Magazine provides the latest Hollywood Gossip, Time graciously reports in-depth stories on worldwide events, and Martha Stewart Living perfectly presents new ideas for arts & crafts and the next big dinner party. But is there a publication that is purely devoted to reporting on what is happening in the world of arts and entertainment?

Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Dance Magazine, and American Theatre Magazine provide a wealth of coverage on each of its respective discipline, but there appears to be no publication out there that attempts to cover everything arts and entertainment related.

So with this magazine styled blog, every attempt will be made to give reporting and commentary on what is happening right now in the arts. There will be reviews, investigations, featured artist spotlights, deep discussions, and more to help push out our conventional thinking of what is art and entertainment to allow us to think about how it is critical part of our lives. Read a post, respond with a comment. Partaking in a healthy discussion is best way to learn to learn more about a subject that interests you.

Got a comment/question or want to contribute to this blog? Email the author: george.myatt11@gmail.com

I’ll try to respond your questions in a timely manner, and I always appreciate feedback and criticism.

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