Welcome to the Studio

25 Feb

Roundtable discussions, forums, and master classes. These are all places where we sit, share and learn more about a specific topic, craft, discipline, experience or story. The goal of Studio AE is to promote a deeper and profound discussion about all facets concerning the world of art and entertainment. BANNED from this site:

  1. Endorsement of celebrities and the worthless/mindless activities they engage in.
  2. Favoritism towards one type of art—all disciplines in the arts are connected and important to one another.
  3. Light/fluffy posts. Being cute and quirky stories does not make for a credible magazine.

PUBLISHED on this site:

  1. A weekly opinion piece on an event and/or thought about the art and entertainment world.
  2. Profiles of well known and under recognized artists.
  3. Reviews of plays, films, music and special events.
  4. Posts that will make you think and reflect (guaranteed).

Feel free to comment on any story you read. Like us on Facebook and share these stories with your friends and family. —GM



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